Subtly sweet,
certainly Stoli.

Stoli Crushed reshaped the landscape of flavored vodka, delivering a harmonious balance that seamlessly fused the bold character of high-quality vodka with the subtle, natural sweetness of real fruit. Despite its vibrant appearance, Stoli Crushed stood as the epitome of class and quality in the flavored vodka realm.

Stoli Crush Mango
the assignment

Taste the vibe. 


An iconic brand known for heritage and quality wanted to tap into the trend of gluten-free, flavored vodka made with real fruit juice. Targeting a younger, multicultural target audience, Mio helped launch Stoli Crushed through music events and partnerships, rooftop parties featuring hot DJs, as well as creating fun social media content that represented the energy and flavor of Stoli Crushed. 

Stoli Crushed social media social media

Our social media strategy? Infuse the feed with captivating black-and-white and duotone imagery, showcasing the dynamic vibrancy of brand events, flavors, and irresistible cocktail recipes.

Stoli Crushed social media

Each flavor boasts its own custom pattern, serving as the backdrop for photoshoots, phone wallpapers, and various brand materials. This vibrant and playful street style swiftly became a defining asset for the brand.