what’s in a name?


Mio was born in Italy, in a tiny gelato shop where the sights, sounds and tastes of a vibrant culture inspired a mission of creativity. It was here, on a personal trip, that I realized the importance of living my life with a curious and imaginative spirit—and to find joy in all the things I do.

The name of that gelato shop was Mio, a word that means “mine” in Italian, but one that has also come to mean “what’s mine is yours” to all of us here.


Together, we have built an agency culture where creating something of your own also means creating something to share. Our best creative is done through collaboration and trust, and we are exceedingly proud of the work we’ve created throughout the years.

—Sarah Gaffney,
Founder and Creative Director


Work hard and
be nice to people.

Sounds simple right? Turns out in the world of business it’s much harder than it should be. We show up everyday, we do our best for you, ourselves and each other. And at the end of the day, we lock-up, and go home to live our lives. Because in order to fuel a creative agency, we need to fuel ourselves, and when you have a well rested, balanced team who love their job and clients, the creative part is easy. Confused that our mission isn’t to deliver the most on-point, revolutionary creative the world has ever seen? That’s just silly. Our work speaks for itself.

Mio by the numbers

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6+ years
Multi-disciplinary executional gurus.

Multi-disciplinary executional gurus.

Confused? We’re not. We’re smart and know a lot of different ways to connect with consumers through years of consumer marketing experience. We strategize with you and recommend what marketing efforts are best to meet YOUR goals, not just sell you an off-the-shelf solution. Our approach is personal, each and every time, with every brand partner.

our services
our team

We’re not like regular agency people, we’re cool agency people.

Did we mention we’re small? That’s by design. We have learned that when you have a small focused team, you can actually get a lot more done. Less meetings, less bureaucracy, and more cutting to the chase and getting to the good stuff.

Sarah Gaffney Creative Director // Founder
Patrick Gaffney Creative Director // Partner
Amber Mueller Account Service
Caitlin Mann Digital Media Strategist
Amanda Patrick Art Director
Tim Shelburn Lead Developer
Cassidy Krewson Junior Art Director

Our Clients

From crafting innovative strategies for consumer packaged goods, the beverage industry, and lifestyle brands, our diverse client roster is a playground of creativity where we turn brands into unforgettable experiences.

the wine group
true manufacturing
the dreaming tree
russian standard vodka
rip it energy fuel
la croix
kind bio select cannabis
franzia wines
cupcake vineyards
chloe wine collection
chapman & co.
employment opportunities

rarely hiring

Sorry about that, but there are very few spots available in our little creative utopia. With over 6 weeks of yearly paid time off, no dress code, a hybrid work environment and summer Friday half-days—people stay. We’re always accepting applications and have been known to adopt an intern or two. Interested? Send resumé and experience to contact@hellomio.com.

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