It just hasta be Shasta!

For families and fizzy fanatics, Shasta Sodas are the ultimate taste sensation—because when it comes to soda, “it just hasta be Shasta”! These fan-favorite delights are here to bring the fizz, flavor, and fun to your day, making every sip a sparkling adventure. From classic cola to exciting fruit flavors, you can count on Shasta to have all your flavorites!

the assignment

full flavor, zero sugar.

In summer 2023, Shasta Sodas, known for its diverse range of soda flavors and long history in the soda industry, launched three new zero sugar flavors making a splash with the low calorie consumer. We had the opportunity to assist this launch by first creating a comprehensive marketing strategy to target a younger generation of consumers and moved into producing new photography and video content curated for social media, website content, flavor-specific giveaways, branded merchandise and in-store POS.

Social Media example social media

From May to August, our agency led a vibrant social media campaign for Shasta’s new zero sugar flavors, merging the brand’s classic identity with fresh, engaging content. We captivated audiences with teaser videos, monthly flavor highlights, interactive stories, curated recipes, and giveaways. This approach significantly boosted engagement, follower growth, and sales, establishing a new standard in beverage industry marketing.

Shasta social media
campaign strategy

summer of giveaways

Our campaign strategy for the Shasta Zero Sugar Summer of Giveaways focused on increasing brand awareness by harnessing the unique personalities of each flavor to design distinctive names, logos, and e-blasts. We crafted appealing prize packages featuring custom-branded swag, effectively engaging current and potential consumers. This approach not only highlighted the individuality of each flavor but also significantly boosted consumer interest and brand loyalty.

campaign results

link clicks
new followers
small channel giveaways

We brought each new Shasta Zero Sugar flavor to life through custom-illustrated T-shirts with a vintage flair. These exclusive shirts were offered as prizes in our ‘comment to win’ contests, enhancing engagement and celebrating the distinct character of each flavor.

influencer partnership

fizzy & fun recipes

We partnered with the talented recipe developer and food stylist influencer, Anju Kapoor, for our Summer of Giveaways program, creating an exciting fusion of fizzy and flavorful recipes that perfectly aligned with the personality of each new Shasta flavor. Anju’s expertise in crafting these unique recipes rounded out the cohesiveness of our entire flavor takeover for the summer, adding a distinctive and engaging element to the campaign. This collaboration not only showcased Anju’s culinary artistry but also significantly amplified consumer excitement and engagement, enhancing the overall appeal of the program.