Good vibes inside.

The mission? Ignite the spark of connection for college students taking flight. With Sending Sun, every month is a sun-soaked adventure. Sending Sun crafts curated care packages brimming with eccentric, sun-kissed treasures, each as delightful as it is unique. The service offers friends and families the ability to send beams of affection across any distance effortlessly in a one-click journey. After all, who says distance can’t be conquered with a touch of sunshine and a sprinkle of joy?

the assignment

Send a smile.

Aimed at capturing the essence of the joy and connection of sending a smile, we started by developing the Sending Sun logo. This mark would anchor the entire brand. Through dynamic content creation, we showcase their overflowing care packages, highlighting each as a beacon of brightness in the lives of college students.


Vibrant and fun, the photography aimed to capture the sprawling contents of each Sending Sun care package.

sending sun logos
sending sun logos
content creation

A hug from home. 

Who can resist the allure of a captivating unboxing video? We meticulously crafted a series of stop-motion unboxing videos to draw in potential clients on social media. Each video masterfully captures the essence of anticipation and joy, spotlighting the heartwarming experience of unveiling a gift packed with curated goodies.