Sure, they look innocent, but don’t let these boozy little boxes fool you.

For cocktail lovers seeking a libation that’s a bit more spirited, buzzbox cocktails are party-perfect. Get ready to kick back and let loose because this is what cocktails should taste like. From light and breezy to bold and balanced, simply chill, shake, and sip anytime, anywhere—no bar cart required.

the assignment

Better in the box.

This brand was due for a major branding overhaul, and we started with the packaging. Our task was to create a package that represented the high-quality ingredients inside the box and communicated the fun, flavorful, bold, and boozy cocktails inside. In a crowded RTD cocktail space, we knew consumers were looking for cocktails with REAL spirits, so we highlighted the ingredients as a main package feature. 

buzzbox premium cocktails social media social media

Our primary goal for social media content was to infuse some fun into people’s feeds and evoke a sense of FOMO for all the places we wish we could be…enjoying that perfect cocktail anytime, anywhere. 

buzzboz social media

Celebrating the spirit of spontaneity, buzzbox premium cocktails capture the essence of carefree enjoyment. Their photography style mirrors their cocktail philosophy: vibrant, lively, and effortlessly enjoyable, perfect for those who love to indulge in life’s simple pleasures.


Dive into the buzzbox universe, where these full-strength pours are available for direct purchase. Built on a WordPress and Shopify combo, every click is an adventure, driving brand awareness and sales.