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Sip, savor, and sparkle with the effervescence of Shasta Sparkling Water.

Known for its refreshing taste and unique flavor offerings, Shasta Sparkling Water features pure mountain spring water and a crisp and effervescent experience without any calories, sugar, or artificial additives. This innovative line tempted consumers with non-traditional sparkling water flavors such as Cola and Root Beer.

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sparkle and shine.

Harnessing the well-established brand recognition of the iconic Shasta Sodas, Mio seamlessly introduced this brand extension with its distinct identity. Crafted from all-natural ingredients, our narrative and visual approach emphasize the inherent effervescence, showcasing vibrant and invigorating fruit flavors.

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Our primary goal for social media content was to foster engagement and excitement among followers by sharing vibrant content that highlights the refreshing nature and diverse flavor offerings of the brand.

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Bright, eye-catching colors evoke a sense of energy and vitality, showcasing fresh fruit, and playful and dynamic graphics and animations to enhance the sense of excitement and enjoyment.