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A discerning eye for the talent you seek.

In their pursuit of transformative change, Occhio Search & Recruitment is dedicated to fostering innovation and collaboration by placing influential leaders. They are committed to positively impacting organizations and communities alike, driven by a fervent desire to recruit individuals who are determined to address challenges, build high-performing teams, and shape a positive workplace culture.

the assignment

Bring your search into focus.

In crafting this brand, we initially embraced the name “Occhio,” meaning eye. This deliberate choice symbolizes Occhio’s unwavering commitment to offering clarity and focus, especially in the intricate landscape of executive searches. The brand colors were meticulously chosen to exude confidence and approachability, intentionally diverging from conventional, corporate color palettes. Further enhancing our visual language, custom iconography was introduced to simplify intricate recruitment processes in a visually engaging manner.

The website was designed to lead potential clients through the recruitment process in multiple ways, exploring the firm’s full capabilities.